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Vinyl Wrap

Upgrading the exterior of your car can be an exciting and affordable way to improve its style and increase its visibility. While a new coat of paint may be a costly process, there are other affordable ways that you can redesign the body of your car. Vinyl vehicle wraps are cost-effective and allow you to permanently or semi-permanently customize your vehicle with limitless decoration. 

Full Inozetek wrap on a Lamborghini Aventador
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Installing Vinyl Wraps whether full or partial requires talent, patience, and a creative mind as it's truly an art

The Top Coverage Film department team is unique as each team member has a passion for cars and a background in art, which could be one of the recipes for precision when it comes to the film application process. If you're looking to wrap your car, truck or SUV, there are plenty of colors and options available. Top Coverage works with multiple brands within the automotive vinyl wrapping industry.

  • Brushed Films

  • Camouflage Films

  • Carbon Fiber Films

  • Flip Films

  • Gloss Films

  • Gloss Metallic Films

  • Matte Films

  • Matte Metallic Films

  • Satin Films

Caring for Your Vehicle Wrap Film

Vinyl film will enhance the appearance of any vehicle, however, you must make sure that you apply and care for these films appropriately. There are special techniques used to apply each wrap film and certain cleaning habits are required to keep the wrap from becoming unnecessarily damaged. For instance, Fluorescent Neon wraps begin to fade in as little as three months if exposed to constant direct sunlight. Knowing how to apply and treat your wrap enables you to increase its lifespan.

Whether you choose to apply these wraps to the entire body or just specific areas here are a few tips that apply to all film

For basic, consistent care, we recommend that you first attempt to store your wrapped vehicle in a covered or indoor space to avoid potential damages due to environmental or other exposure. You should try to hand wash your vinyl if possible, but if that isn't possible, never use a brush. Always use soap and other nonabrasive solutions on the vinyl. Even if fuel or other potentially damaging contaminants touch the wrap, never use any chemical harsher than isopropyl alcohol.